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Soup of the day

Homemade soup served with crusty french bread £4.50

Chef's Pâté

Homemade chicken liver & brandy pâté £5.95

Breaded Brie

Served with Cumberland sauce £5.75


Served with garlic mayo £4.95




(cheese, ham, onion and mushroom*) £6.95

Blue Cheese £6.95

All served with chips and mixed leaves.

*Or any combination of these.



Home made Burgers

All our burgers are made by hand in our kitchen, char grilled to order and served in a glazed brioche bun with mixed leaves and mayo

Standard burger £9.95

Add bacon, cheese, jalapeño, Chorizo, chilli cheese, stilton, onion marmalade for £1 per topping.


Old Favourites

Ribeye Steak with blue cheese mashed potato or chips peas and onion rings £14.95

Beer Battered Cod and chips served with peas £9.95

Roast of the Day £9.95

Home cooked ham double egg and chips £8.25

Lamb Shank

Served with minted gravy, mashed potatoes and vegetables


Hanley Farm Sausages with mashed potato, peas and onion gravy £8.55


Chicken Tikka Masala £8.95

Chicken Jalfrezi £8.95

Both served with basmati rice or half and half



Vegetarian burger

Chips and salad £8.95

Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetable parmigiana

Topped with mozzarella cheese £10.95

Vegetable tikka/jalfrezi

Served with rice, chips or half and half £7.95



All freshly made on the premises, with authentic ingredients. Cooked to perfection in our imported Italian pizza oven.


Simple good old mozzarella and basil £7.50

Cheese feast

Blue cheese, cheddar, smoke cheddar, mozzarella and caramalised red onion £9.50

Meat Feast

Pepperoni, chicken, chorizo, ham and garlic oil  £10.95


Pepperoni slices, served on our Margherita £9.50



Chips £3.50

Onion rings £2.00

Side salad £3.50

                                  Baked beans £1.50

Bread and butter £1.00

Poppadoms and mango chutney £1.50

Poppadoms 75p

For your information we do cook with nuts, vegetable oil produced with GM organisms and other food that may produce an allergic reaction. Please tell a member of staff if you suffer from any allergies or have any dietary intolerances. Thank you.